Toddler I (10 Months – 18 Months)

The items listed below are things that we incorporate into our daily lessons and activities.

  1. Shows affection to familiar adults and siblings
  2. Responds to own name
  3. Is aware of ownership
  4. Displays a cooperation in dressing and undressing
  5. Wants to feed own self
  6. Plays with toys alone for brief time of 2-3 minutes
  7. Participates in parallel play
  8. Demonstrates increased awareness of environment
  9. Delays briefly immediate needs and wants
  10. Imitates adults
  11. Helps with simple chores
  12. Enjoys music and rhythm activities
  13. Asserts independence, sometimes
  14. Discriminates between familiar and unfamiliar situations and adults
  15. Sits independently
  16. Crawls
  17. Pulls self to standing position
  18. Stands with support
  19. “Walks” by supporting self on furniture
  20. Stands alone
  21. Walks alone
  22. Bounces while sitting or standing
  23. Kneels
  24. Climbs furniture and play equipment
  25. Begins to feed self with finger foods
  26. Holds objects with two hands
  27. Grasps, shakes, throws and drops objects
  28. Bangs and pounds with toys or household utensils
  29. Begins to use thumb and forefinger to pick up small items
  30. Demonstrates ability to fill and empty containers
  31. Holds crayon with whole hand
  32. Responds to own name
  33. Imitates behavior and sound
  34. Is able to point to three body parts
  35. Knows that words stand for people and objects
  36. Initiates one or two word communication
  37. Responds to simple requests and directions
  38. Shows interest in picture books
  39. Listens to short stories
  40. Enjoys simple art experiences
  41. Enjoys repetitive sensory experiences
  42. Can make choice between two clear alternatives
  43. Begins to problem solve independently