Toddler II (18 Months – 23 Months)

Kids Playing

The items listed below are things that we incorporate into our daily lessons and activities.

  1. Recognizes own name when called
  2. Identifies family member
  3. Recognizes name of caregiver
  4. Shows affection
  5. Recognizes adult roles in community
  6. Assists with physical needs
  7. Understands what belongs to self
  8. Assists in completing small tasks
  9. Responds to praise from others
  10. Displays pride in completed tasks
  11. Initiates social interaction with adults and peers
  12. Participates in small group activities for a short period of time
  13. Participates in routine activities easily
  14. Shares occasionally
  15. Shows ability to separate from parents
  16. Demonstrates trust in adults
  17. Demonstrates increased independence
  18. Occupies self, initiates own play activities
  19. Shows interest in toileting
  20. Walks independently and with confidence
  21. Developing skills of running and hopping
  22. Kicks, throws, catches a ball
  23. Dances and moves to music
  24. Walks up and down stairs
  25. Manipulates large toys and wheeled equipment
  26. Uses some playground equipment independently
  27. Does a simple somersault with assistance
  28. Demonstrates ability to enjoy sensory experiences
  29. Manipulates objects with hands and fingers
  30. Dresses self with little assistance
  31. Pours, stirs, cuts foods with assistance
  32. Identifies objects and events by name
  33. Speaks in 2-3 word sentences
  34. Responds to simple questions
  35. Follows directions
  36. Beginning to name properties of objects
  37. Names items in familiar picture story
  38. Participates in role playing
  39. Recalls a simple finger play or key words in a song
  40. Can describe actions and feelings
  41. Begins to sort objects by physical appearance
  42. Begins to understand cause and effect
  43. Enjoys stacking activities
  44. Enjoys saying or singing numbers
  45. Counts to 3 by touching one object per number
  46. Enjoys books and stories
  47. Shows beginning knowledge of how to use books
  48. Begins to engage in dramatic play