Building & Safety Features

To maintain a safe and secure environment for our children, we have implemented many safety features into our building, as well as in our daily routine.

  • Enclosed Playground: In our innovative building design, we have created an enclosed courtyard for the children’s playground. This allows the children to run and play freely but also helps ensure their safety.
  • Closed Circuit Surveillance Cameras: We have placed televisions in the lobby of the center for parents to view their children in the classroom when needed and for the Director to keep abreast of all classroom activities.
  • Safety Room: We have a safety room in our center that is totally enclosed and has no windows to the outside. This helps protect the children’s safety in case of tornado or an emergency situation.
  • Conventional wood and stone building that meets all local and state safety codes.
  • Convenient Lighted Parking
  • Fire / Severe Weather Drills
  • Commercial Drivers License is required for all of our bus drivers.
  • Transportation Training for all staff that transports children.